Development is not just about our new building – it is also about being part of the wider neighbourhood and the local community. We are committed to engaging with the local community and our immediate neighbours throughout the construction of the Ram Quarter.

With this in mind we are always looking at ways to engage with a wider audience, and ensure that benefits from our development are shared with the local community. This includes hosting visits to local schools, working with LB Wandsworth to promote on site job opportunities and hosting site safety events.

We have signed up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme to ensure that everything possible is done to be good to neighbours. This includes monitoring noise, ensuring that dust is suppressed on site and that lorries arrive and leave site in a considerate way.

We have set up a number of ways we can share information with you, and you can get in contact with us. These include:

  • Regular updates via our website

  • Newsletters for residents who live closest to the site

  • Establishing a Neighbourhood liaison group during construction

We have established a Construction liaison group so that local residents are kept informed about any activity on site. The next meeting will be taking place in Winter 2016. Residents will be informed of the meeting details once these have been confirmed.

For the latest information on works taking place on site register at ram-brewery@ardmoregroup.co.uk to receive our weekly update email. 

We know that construction sites are noisy, but we hope that by working closely with our neighbours we will be able to reduce any negative impact for local residents.

The Ram Quarter Phase 3 Public Exhibition

On Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th January 2017 Greenland Group hosted a public exhibition for local residents to view our exciting new plans for The Ram Quarter Phase 3.

To download a copy of our latest newsletter click here.

To download a copy of the public exhibition boards click here.

To complete our online feedback form click here.

Greenland Group are committed to working with the local community throughout the delivery of The Ram Quarter development and will continue to keep local residents up to date as our plans for Phase 3 progress.